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\ \\ \ Challenge

connecting the luxury auto brand with a young, active demographic in an authentic way

Los Angeles magazine, in partnership with Lexus’ agency Team One, came to MSI aiming to connect the luxury auto brand with a young, active demographic in an authentic way. The timeframe was tight. Although MSI was only presented with the challenge in the third quarter, the event needed to be up-and-literally ‘running’ by the fourth. First, the event needed to match the style and quality synonymous with the Lexus brand. Second, the races needed to take place in four different locations across Southern California, which supported its dealers markets. And finally, each race needed the participation of 1,000+ attendees. In only four months, MSI was able to create an event from the ground up including proper market positioning, brand design, permitting, event design, new website, media plan, partner integration, team building, athlete relations, registration system and more.

in just four months, MSI was able to create an event from the ground up on par with Lexus' standard for quality

\ \\ \ How We Did it

With a recent surge in popularity, the sport of running was identified as a creative and effective avenue towards achieving Lexus’ demographic goals. Research revealed a running race series could connect the brand with their target market while simultaneously building awareness about Lexus’ product. With so many running events across the country and in the Southern California region, the event was positioned uniquely and set up for success. MSI identified that few races in Southern California provided a complete race plus social experience. Although popular at larger, more established marathons, a quality race experience and social experience was lacking at regional and local events.

MSI believed a regional event that brought the community together, paired with a quality, competitive race format would do well in the region. Thus, the Lexus LaceUp Running Series was created, a high-end race experience providing key elements such as real-time race results, a quality post-race meal and beverages at no additional cost to runners, shade with plenty of seating, massages, training runs and music. With concept approval, a website went into development, brand design drafts created, and the process of selecting and permitting venues began. Venue selection and permitting was extremely difficult due to the short timeframe, but through MSI’s contacts and experience working with municipalities, the locations were confirmed and ready for the races.

The LaceUp Running Series provides runners the best customer service and total race experience in Southern California. From registration to the start line and all the way through post-race activities, LaceUp celebrates runners and their friends through community-oriented races with a big race feel.

\ \\ \ Project Results

2015 welcomed 7k runners to the series, with over 50% of registrants falling into the target demographic of 25 to 40 year-olds

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  • 24M advertising impressions
  • 55M public relations impressions